Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Enceni: Noun
Pronounced:\ eN-SeN-EEE \
1.Piles of house junk that are too big to be garbage but too bedbug infested to be recycled.
They are colloquially called "Enceni" derived from the word "Incinerator" - suggesting that these piles SHOULD be incinerated.
"When are they gonna take that Enceni away ? it's blocking the view of that barren field and that beige row of tract housing. I love watching the sun crest on that bleak prairie with the hydraulic excavators and Backhoe loaders crawling across the horizon".

Sunday, January 8, 2012


grousl (noun)

if human: a form of emotional rabies prevalent during the first week of january characterized by the desperate emergency snacking of expired, mold-blanketed sauces, jellies and mayonnaises at the back of the refrigerator to retain that festive anything-goes december feeling.

if non-human: same definition but substitute compost-bin for refrigerator

rumored to have originated from the german word "grĂ¼sel," meaning "creep."