Wednesday, September 22, 2010


a cryme is a musical indiscretion committed by those who may or not play dungeons and didgeridoos. flailing somewhere in the musical waves that separate the powerballads from the boybands, a cryme ALWAYS begins with your back to the audience. every live performance of a cryme aspires to bring you to tears with an impassioned display of rule-breakiness and repeated chest poundings. rife with risque euphemisms about masturbation, cryme lyrics always include the words "cry" and "crime":

sample 1
CRY to crime
CRY to crime
CRY to crime
Won't you cry to crime ? (x2)

sample 2
It's not a crime for a man to cry, cry, cry
Sample the flavor of long-withheld tears
Just as falling rain is a kind of beauty
It's better to hold this opportunity well, and cry once
[It's not a crime]

sample 3
I will cry tonight, I will cry tonight, and my hands we cannot stop this crime.
I will cry tonight, I will cry tonight, and my sword has lost the eternal fight.

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