Friday, April 30, 2010


5259w is a coded message from the internet gods.
it refers to your destiny, more specifically the location where these degrees of latitude and longitude intersect.

google maps says it's precisely here:

the good people at have this to say about the potential of this rather barren place (and my commentary appears in red brackets):

The effect of this zone is electrifying and explosive. (really?)

The powerful drive towards freedom and independence dictates your action and your interpersonal relations. (you will not have to drive too powerfully though, since you are in the wild wild wilderness where there are no people with whom to have interpersonal relations)

You react impatiently to any kind of limitation and utter your opinions without hesitation. (if a tree falls in the forest...if you utter impatiently to yourself in a forest...)

Here, you need to ensure freedom of movement and engage in physical activities, as this excess energy could release itself in angry outbursts. (so don't lock yourself up in your tent)

These energies could find adequate expression in sport, fitness training and physical work, but even if you see yourself as a daredevil, it is advisable to avoid risky activities or play. (wolf brawls aren't risky if they're necessary)

The problems regarding the crossing of these particular energies are not just in their uncontrollable nature, but also due to a lack of patience, willingness to compromise and endurance. (sorry but there is no email out here)

Longer stays can lead to conflicts with authority figures, marriage complications and difficulties adapting professionally or socially. (but only in your head because you are alone)

However, if you are keen to free yourself from dependencies and repression, you will surely find the necessary support to do so. (in bed)

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  1. all signs keep pointing to nfld.
    start packing - we are gonna have to buy some rain slickers and some gum boots. i think its serious.