Sunday, April 18, 2010


Special circle shaped mold that grows on unidentifiable food found in the back of boyfriends refrigerator. Terictls are usually about 2 years old and have at least 3 distinct colors. After prolonged examination terictls will become quite fascinating and beautiful. This intense experience of aesthetic appreciation may be due to the mold spores eating your brain.
or maybe you just love your boyfriend - so even his terictls in the fridge are beautiful.
or maybe it's just mold eating your brain.
(it's love just in case you are reading this jb)

so ....this is a new terictl specimen discovered in boyfriend's fridge in june.
p.s. boyfriend is now fiancée. woohoo +


  1. i am craving this.

    you know how it is when you're exposed to something long enough that you begin to want it, even though it's repulsive.

    yep, it's lookin' fine.

  2. hey i never saw part deux of this post until just now.

    miss you/love you.