Thursday, April 8, 2010

founds totato.

'founds totato' is a situation.

it's when you accidentally overhear two fully grown individuals using babytalk in the produce section of a grocery store - only, get this: they don't have a baby.

one of em's like: look bunny, i founds totato.
and the other one's like: goo goo ga ga coooo coooooooooooo
and then one of them pats the other one on the diaper. it makes a squishy sound.

and you're there with your hand wrist-deep in lebanese cucumbers.
watching it all go down.


  1. i believe it is also an obscure idiom in totoro subculture:

    past tense of expression:
    "i can finds totato?"

  2. hmmm, i like the way you think.

  3. i founds totato with a eggsies and toastlings on my breakie platestar - yummsies .